“To a lot of listeners Klezmer music is similar to classical and this ensemble’s second full length album [Turning Point] proves this true. Their sound has the familiarity of chamber music and the energy and force of dance band music; and the passion and creativity behind the notes and arrangements make this all- instrumental release unique and very good. Ezekiel’s Wheels are internationally known and members Abigale Reisman and Jonathan Cannon on violins, Kirsten Lamb on upright bass, Nat Seelan on clarinet and Pete Fanelli blowing the trombone play locked in to each other every measure, every song. Check out “Doina For Duke,” “Fiddler’s Sirba,” and “Nat’s Nign” to hear their collective virtuosity. I really like how the songs change tempo and direction mid- song; starting off like an Irish jig or even snake charming music and then morphing into jazz with an improv feel to finish the melody. Listen to “Johannes Khosifl,” “Barry’s Bulgar,” “Traveler’s Terkisher,” and “Arthur and The KCB” to hear their variety and cleverness. The closing tune “Dobranotsh” is strictly chamber music. The zeal and quirkiness on this release keep the ear interested. Cool stuff. Check it out.”

A.J. Wachtel

The Noise