“Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band, in Boston, packs plenty of Jewish soul and dance spirit into the frisky original tunes and the refurbished historical fare these five excellent musicians present on their third enjoyable creation, Turning Point… Teary dialog between Nat Seelen’s clarinet and Pete Fanelli’s trombone on devotional song “Nat’s Nign” is a highlight. Occasional nods to chamber music suit them well.”

– Frank John Hadley, DownBeat Magazine, April 2017

“To a lot of listeners Klezmer music is similar to classical and this ensemble’s second full length album [Turning Point] proves this true. Their sound has the familiarity of chamber music and the energy and force of dance band music; and the passion and creativity behind the notes and arrangements make this all- instrumental release unique and very good. Ezekiel’s Wheels are internationally known and members Abigale Reisman and Jonathan Cannon on violins, Kirsten Lamb on upright bass, Nat Seelan on clarinet and Pete Fanelli blowing the trombone play locked in to each other every measure, every song. Check out “Doina For Duke,” “Fiddler’s Sirba,” and “Nat’s Nign” to hear their collective virtuosity. I really like how the songs change tempo and direction mid- song; starting off like an Irish jig or even snake charming music and then morphing into jazz with an improv feel to finish the melody. Listen to “Johannes Khosifl,” “Barry’s Bulgar,” “Traveler’s Terkisher,” and “Arthur and The KCB” to hear their variety and cleverness. The closing tune “Dobranotsh” is strictly chamber music. The zeal and quirkiness on this release keep the ear interested. Cool stuff. Check it out.”

– A.J. Wachtel, The Noise, December 2016

“Boston has no shortage of klezmer bands, but Ezekiel’s Wheels has a playfully inventive style which makes it one of the best.”

– Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review

“Boston has no shortage of klezmer bands, but Ezekiel’s Wheels has a playfully inventive style which makes it one of the best.”

– Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review

“Listening to Ezekiel’s Wheels is like listening to a good Jewish joke: even when you already know it, you enjoy hearing it again, provided that it’s told well. The jury commends the group for their feeling of the klezmer tradition. More than in many other groups, their playing struck the jury as a celebration of true musical democracy. For the audience it’s a joy to watch (and hear) how the group’s members really listen to each other, making room for each other and reacting to fine nuances and shifts in the playing of the other band members. The jury was particularly impressed by their rendition of La Rosa Enflorece: a beautifully structured and tasteful feat of creativity, with a special word of praise for their double bass player.”

– Jury Review, International Jewish Music Festival 2012

“Ezekiel’s Wheels is a Klezmer band and when I first hear them I start to grin widely. They are all first-rate musicians and they remind me right off the bat of Fiddler on the Roof music. Think “If I Were a Rich Man,” and then suddenly mid-song, the clarinet, two fiddles, upright bass, and trombone start going avant jazz for a bunch of measures and then go back to the original melody later in the song. Very interesting and a lot going on in terms of creativity and arrangements onstage right now. Nat Seelen on clarinet, Peter Fanelli on trombone, Kirsten Lamb on bass, and Abigale Reisman and Dr. Jon Cannon on violins play so well together even though in each song there are periods where they are all going off in their own directions! They sound like The Klezmatics and I laugh out loud when I hear them start to do Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ and later Britney’s ‘Crazy.’ Their originals ‘Moldovan Wedding,’ from their 2012 EP and ‘Honga’ from last year’s CD Transported are also very good and creative.”

– A.J. Wachtel, The Noise

“The band is called Ezekiel’s Wheels, and it consists of some excellent young musicians… playing (mostly) traditional klezmer with great verve and skill. A good time was had by all.”

– Ari Davidow, KlezmerShack

“All y’all got swag.”

– Jonathan, grade six


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