September Update

charlies angels

September is national klezmer month!

Not really. But if you get Ezekiel’s Wheels Klezmer Band KlezMail, then every month can be national klezmer month!

What is going on here?

Bi-monthly residency at the Burren starts on Saturday, 9/9!

Tommy McCarthy and Louise Costello run one of the most musician-friendly venues we’ve ever played, and Tom Bianchi is a king of booking. Don’t forget to say hi to all of them when you join us at the residency kick-off this Saturday!

The Burren
247 Elm Street, Somerville, MA
September 9th 7:00pmarchives
$15 advance / $19 at the door

Fresh from the archives!

This recording of Rose Gross includes: xylophone krekhts; organ overload; and a super-speed version of a mazal tov that we love to play. Fun fact: 20th Century  was an imprint of Gotham Record Corp., whose big star was Earl Bostic. #themoreyouknow

kirsten headshot

Meet Kirsten Lamb

One time, an audience member asked Kirsten how she could make so many sounds when her instrument only has four notes. Kirsten can play all the notes on the bass.

Kirsten grew up in Randolph, NJ and landed in Boston following her studies at Oberlin. She earned her masters at New England Conservatory and splits her time between the Wheels, KlezperantoCold ChocolateAlfaia, and her solo material. #kirsteniseverywhere


Extra-curricularsthread ensemble.jpg

Abigale has a not-so secret side project.

It’s called Thread Ensemble, and features our friends Andria and Rachel. Thread Ensemble improvises along with the audience to create new music at every performance. Check them out at

Upcoming Concerts

September 9th | 7:00pm  | The Burren, Davis Square
November 5th | 2:00pm  | Old South Union, Weymouth, MA
November 9th | 7:00pm | The Burren, Davis Square


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