Jon Cannon is interviewed by Jewish Boston!

Earlier this month, our very own Jon Cannon was interviewed by Jewish Boston about his experiences playing at the 2012 International Jewish Music Festival as well as his work towards earning a Ph.D. from Boston University in math and neuroscience. Check out the full interview here:

Four Questions with Jon Cannon, Klezmer Musician and Mathematician

Also stay tuned for updates about our April tour, as well as some upcoming local shows.


3 responses to “Jon Cannon is interviewed by Jewish Boston!

  1. Quite the photo of Jon. He looks like Kafka, if Kafka had had more fun. I’m in Tel Aviv at the moment, and spent some time in Tzfat. There was a klezmer band playing here during the anarchic Purim festivities on Rothschild Blvd. They did not hold a candle to EW. Strongly recommend you look into the August klezmer fest in Tzfat, If you could scrape the shekels together, there is no place on the planet like Tzfat, where I will be spending more time in the future. Best wishes, Margery, AKA Michal.

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