our kickstarter campaign is live!

Like we mentioned in our previous post, we’re off to Amsterdam in October to play at the International Jewish Music Festival! We are beyond excited.

However, we’re also sorting out a mess of logistics including travel plans, airfare, lodging, food, and how to acquire an upright bass for a week in a foreign country. Since the festival can’t cover all of our travel costs, we jumped aboard the online fundraising bandwagon and made ourselves our very own kickstarter campaign!

Please consider donating if you are able, and THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who already has contributed. Every little bit helps–we set our goal to cover the bare minimum of costs (if we don’t reach our goal, we don’t get anything!), but if we raise more than our goal, that will ensure we can fully pay for all expenses, as well as even save some money for future projects.

As an incentive to participate, we have a whole bunch of fun prizes and rewards to offer, including CDs, postcards from Amsterdam, music lessons, house shows, even dinner parties!

So check out our kickstarter page and please share with anyone else who may be interested!


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