Our application has been accepted to the International Jewish Music Festival Competition in Amsterdam!  We will have a hell of a time drumming up the money to get over there, but we’re pretty sure it’s going to happen.  More to follow!

In the meantime, we’ve got some videos up courtesy of Ari Davidow of Klezmershack from our show at the Faneuil Branch Library, which took place in the children’s books section and actually drew a nice crowd.  Highlights of the children’s books section included the classic educational masterpiece, How Big Is It?, which contained impressive size-comparing images ranging from delightful (a giant squid in front of a suburban house) to disturbing (a tidal wave engulfing New York).  Highly recommended to children under 10 and size-challenged adults (including one fan who, when asked how big redwoods are, exclaimed “THEY’RE F*CKING HU– ” and then realized that she was in the children’s book section at the Faneuil Branch Library).


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