Excellent night at Atwoods

Thanks to the sizeable posse of friends and fans that came out to hear the Wheels last night! If you had as much fun as we did, your five dollar cover was five dollars well spent. Our favorite klezmer/international dance contingent was well-represented, and came out on the floor for both our arrangements in 7/8 time (despite knowing from previous experience that the second one would rapidly degrade into 840 beats-per-minute mayhem). We saw friends from Brown and Oberlin, fans from the T, and classmates from the BU math/statistics PhD program. Ike Agbanusi, a brilliant young mathematician and a man of culture, deserves special special mention for taking it apon himself to cheer us onto the stage at ten minutes past nine. We played music fom Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Nat’s twisted imagination, as well as three of our favorite traditional Jewish wedding tunes, and accidentally closed up the night with our Brittany Spears medley when our other big finish was quashed by the Atwoods staff, who ended our set without warning to close the patio and wrangle a herd to diners into the bar. (Now the second track on our EP will be a surprise!) Nonetheless, Atwoods was a great host and, as always, a great place for klezmer. And none of this could have happened without Klezwoods, who organized the show and rocked not a small number of faces off with groovy world beats, wailing solos, ensorcelling belly dance, irresistable sing-alongs, and of course Joe Kessler’s absurd stage antics (including using a floor lamp as a hand-held spotlight, slinging his bow like a yo-yo, and walking off the stage onto my chair).

We’ll let you know when we’ve chosen a date for our next show, and we hope to see you all there!

Roll on,


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