A delightful farmers’ market!

This morning, the Wheels sallied forth into Somerville Armory for a rollicking good traditional St. Patrick’s day Hora Blast.  Minus one clarinet (leaving a total of no clarinets), we found ourselves only slightly worse for the wear — Nat was sorely missed, but Jon enjoyed his brief power trip as band leader and chief melodeon, and the rest of the band didn’t seem to mind too much.  The slightly stringier ensemble was charmed almost into its component pieces by fan-of-the-day Gabriel, a toddling music appreciator with an encyclopedic knowledge of instrument names and a killer two-knees rock-and-roll floor-slide.  He correctly identified Pete’s trombone, Abigail’s and Jon’s violins, and Kirsten’s Funny Guitar (which she insists on calling an “upright bass”).  Other highlights included ginger Kombucha, run-ins with numerous local friends and a few loyal fans, and of course the farm-fresh charm of all our local farmers (including one who recognized us from Newburyport)!  We will certainly return in the near futures, and hopefully with a full complement of winds.

This evening, amid general holiday merriment, an idea was hatched for a campy theme for our next show… suffice to say, if you attend you will likely find it a rewarding experience.


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